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Studio equipment and private sessions

The Studio Session is a group experience of maximum 6 participants allowing for further corrections and focus on alignment and form. We run a circuit training style class where there are 3 stations so you get to work in different pieces of equipment during the hour. This class runs on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm and is not included on the group monthly membership.

Results: Having the sole attention of the instructor and a bespoke routine to achieve your goals, creates quicker results and a clear understanding of body movements. You overcome aches, improve your technique and receive advice on how to incorporate movement with beneficial impact on your daily life.

Contact me on 07826 959 541 or email via the Contact Form to confirm availability, then pay for the number attending the private class on the Revolut links below.

Studio Session


  • Share the session with partner
  • Specific date and time allocation
  • Focus on your goals and partner's goals
  • Bespoke routine
  • Correct your posture and alignment
  • Improve your technique becoming more movement efficient
  • Target any joint mobility issues or pains
  • Feel more mobile and stretched
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  • These classes are perfect for people that cannot commit to a certain date and time class. Private sessions can be held for individuals, couples or up to three people.
  • You are inactive and feel that a group class will be too hard.
  • You need to focus in a specific problem - low back pain, shoulder mobility, hip flexibility.
  • Your physio/osteopath suggested to take up pilates.
  • You are training for a specific outcome - ie: marathon and better stability and mobility will improve your performance.
  • You find that you need to focus when exercising.
  • You are unsure on how to include pilate to your lifestyle.

Download the PilatesNurition Enrolment Form

Before attending your first class, please complete our enrolment form online and email it to [email protected].

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Enrolment form hosted with DropBox

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Enrolment form hosted with GoogleDrive

We currently run group and private classes at the following locations in London

1. Kennington Park

Kennington Park
1-3 Brixton Road
London SW9 6DE

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